Semcycle freestyle unicycle on E-bay

Tired of waiting for this thing to sell.
Take it if you want it.

Good luck on the auction. I hope it sells for a bunch of $$$.

Just don’t tell your other ebay unicycle auctioneers about this unicycle. Especially this notorious auctioneer.
He’d no longer be able to claim that his POS unicycle is “the best quality Unicycle I have ever seen”.

My buddy recently sold his used United/Monty for $180 on E-bay. Pretty impressive. The only thing that guys unicycle has over mine is the Lifetime Warranty. I would love to buy one of those and just send videos to him of me breaking them over and over and over on 1 foot curbs.

Good luck to everyone bidding.

I was interested in your unicycle. but 250 was too much. Now your starting bid is 20!?! that’s kinda low, d’ont you think??

oh well,


I wasn’t around to rebid when my bid of 165 or so got beat out. I think it too started at 20. The way Ebay seems to work, you may get a couple biters early on, then next to nothing, then more at the last day, usually the last hour, or few minutes even. I’m sure he’ll get may more than 20 for it.

hey Accord (sorry muni came up before freestyle :frowning: ) but how did you get the chromish look and the red?

I had a friend who powdercoated it that way for me. It’s done by using a translucent color in a very light color on top of the chrome. The hub was a bit harder to do, but everything came out looking wonderful.

It’s a $300 unicycle + w/ a Miyata seat upgrade and not to mention the amount of money it cost to have it powdercoated. So at $250 it’s a hell of a deal for a pristine unicycle.

Why are you selling it, that once was your pride and joy… have you lost the love?
-Jonathan Ware-

I went with a freestyle unicycle for the time being while my neck was healing. Now that my neck is healed I’m going back to riding urban trials.

Barely over $100, 3 hours left. Sure someone wants a good deal.

that sure was fun watching the final minute of the auction,i could’nt hit refresh fast enough.good luck on your new uni accord.

Indeed. I’m still not sure what just happened. Congrats to whoever out there won it. It’s headed for Arizona…

Darn, lost by 2.50 in the last 6 seconds.

Have fun with your funds, Adam.

  • Sal

Thirdshift and the guy who won came in at the least 2-3 minutes out of no where. That was a fun auction. I wonder how many people were actually sitting around just watching that auction.

So what are you buying? Tell us all of your new ride. We know it has a fireball, but what else have you decided on?

  • Sal

Ahh… only the best for me. I’ll post full specs on it probably tommorow. Just looking for one thing to finish it off. I’m sure you guys were familiar with the Black Panther, its not a Black Panther II but something along those lines.