Semcycle Deluxe Hub???

I bought a hub on E-bay last night for $3.95. From the photo, it looks like a Semcycle Deluxe hub. Can anyone confirm this? Even if it’s not a SemDeluxe hub, it was a good deal at $3.95.

Now I have to decide what size of wheel to build with it. My Coker wheel needs rebuilt, but I’d also like a nice 20 inch freestyle wheel.



Spoken like a true Militiaman… not one mention of ‘and how will I justify this new uni to my wife?’.

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Hard to tell from just the pic, but it sure looks like a Sem Deluxe hub to me. Great price!


You can’t go wrong for that price. The Sem Deluxe hubs were known for being pretty narrow, which this seems to fit. The other hub I can think of offhand with those bands around the center area are Schwinn hubs, at least from one era. Though the Sem hub is what you should hope it is, statistically it’s much more likely to be a Schwinn.

N.K. hubs look like this too, but since youre not in germany im doubt it is.
also i have seen old pashleys with hubs like this.

It looks like a Semcycle Deluxe hub. But if there is the possibility that it’s a Schwinn you’ll want to do a quick measurement of diameter of the hub where the bearing sits. The old Schwinn’s used a 15.6 mm ID bearing while the new Schwinn’s use a 17 mm ID bearing. Hopefully your hub uses a 17 mm ID bearing because that is way more standard.

Here is some links to that mention the bearing differences between the old and new Schwinn’s.
New style Schwinn bearings
Old style Schwinn bearings

Thanks for the replies. I’ll surely measure everything when I get it. If it is the Sem Deluxe, what width are the spacers that go between the bearing and hub flange? has them for $2 a pair, but the shipping would be over eight bucks. I’ve got some 5/8 inch ID brass stock that I can turn down on a lathe if I don’t have to go too narrow. Otherwise, it’s off the the hardware store. I’ll just measure how thick to make the spacers when I get it. Probably like to make it as wide as possible for frame clearance.

thanks again… Mojoe