Semcycle Deluxe hub up for grabs

Hi everyone,

I was cleaning out my uni-stuff when I came across a Semcycle Deluxe hub that I some how had mistakenly purchased. I had pressed on the bearing too far and to get it off I made some very slight cosmetic dings in the flange. I have no need for this extra-wide hub and will happily get it out of my garage for the price of shipping - say $5. Such a deal.

According to Uni.Com:
The Deluxe hub is one of the widest available flange-to-flange, and the special heat-treating process gives it extra strength.

First come, first served.
E-mail me at


I’ll take it if nobody else has claimed it yet :slight_smile:

You’re the first. Just send me your address and I’ll put it in the mail and you can send me a check and the two can pass in the mail.

Thanks Tommy, check your pm box for my address

Thanks Kenny.

I’ll put the hub in the mail tomorrow.

Sorry about the botched e-mail address. The above e-mail address was missing an “e”.

The e-address is:

or just visit the MUC web site.

Send me a non-PM e-mail so that I will have a foot-print of your e-address, too.


Check your non-pm-email, it’s a done deal! Thanks :smiley:

She’s yours and on the way - as of about an hour ago. Enjoy