Semcycle Big Wheel

Hi, I bought a 43" Semcycle Big Wheel two weeks ago and thought I would give it
a review and compare it to the Coker. It’s a really cool looking unicycle. Black
with a red solid rubber tire, wide hub and 56 spokes. It’s light, responsive to
quick turns, fast starts and stops. I haven’t managed a freemount yet, but it’s
fairly easy to mount holding either the wheel or any other stationary object. My
seat is 12 inches higher than the wheel, so it’s quite a step up. My longest
ride so far is about 16 miles at about 9 mph. avg. This is quite a bit slower
than what I’m used to on the Coker, but I’m still pedaling rather
conservatively. I can’t quite get the hang of how far I can lean forward when I
try to pick up the speed. I found myself riding very upright. The ride is stiff
with the solid tire, but I knew that up front and only go on nicely surfaced
roads. The amazing difference is how high my center of gravity is on the
Semcycle. The width and weight of the Coker tire really grips the road. The
Semcycle Big Wheel is totally opposite & really makes me work more at my
balance. It also magnifies my flawed (strong left leg) stroke. I am doing a lot
more twisting with my upper body, and really have my hands full in strong winds.
I guess to sum up, I really like my new toy, even though it’s nothing like a
Coker, and I hope to be able to use it on long rides eventually, but it’s going
to take more practice. -Mark

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