Semcycle airseat conversion?

Ok. On my muni I have a vintage schwin saddle, which is apparently identical to the current sem delux seats. I would not trade the seat for a centralized levatation device located above the frame simply because of its ridged steel qualitys. I have a handle bolted solidly to the seat frame and when griped all force flows unrestricted through every inch of the uni. It’s perfect. I will not even use the myiata due to the slight amount of flex it has in the handle.

The problem, well, its not quite as comfortable as an air seat. It seems however, like it would be possible to convert it into one. Possibly by buying sem delux replacement cover, scooping out all the foam from the inside, and somehow securing a pillow of sorts where the foam was? I worry because the back of the saddle cover is not secured well at all, it just kinda hangs there. The tube may be able to fall out the back or the sides as I am riding. Pinch flats may even be an issue :).

Other people must have tryed this. Chime in!

I don’t know much about the schwin saddle but while recuperating from a sprained ankle I’ve converted the Viscount on my Muni. I made a cover from leatherette and a tube bag from some old material I had lying around. I got some foam, an inner tube and other comfy stuff then put the whole lot together on top of the existing seat. This is totally reversible though I’m not sure why I would want to. It’s real comfy to sit on but I haven’t taken it for a ride yet as it’s over 3 weeks since I injured my ankle but I still can’t ride, another week maybe (grumble, grumble).

It cost next to nothing to make except my time. I wouldn’t say it was easy, though I think the results were worth the effort.