Semcycle air seat

Hey…what’s up with these Semcycle air seats? They have a rubber cover that wants to catch on everything and come off. How many have solved this problem? It looks as if it is crying out for electrical tape or, the bane of esthetic patching, duct tape.

I think one of the Stone boys have a Sem air seat- David?


Greg -

I have a Semcycle are seat that I made a couple of years ago. I think I used a 12" tube that I … well … duct taped together so it looks like and “8” when inflated.

FWIW I’ve been riding a Miyata air seat for a while but started using the Sem on another uni. Hated it but am getting used to it and now (other than the lack of a handle) don’t really mind it.

Steve Howard

I ride a sem air seat on my coker, but have never encountered this problem for some reason. everuone else has though.

As for John Stone, his does slip off too. When I tried to mount his coker, the back of the sear started to pop up. I think he just puts the seat back into position if something happens, because to the best of my recollection there is no tape or other device which prevents the seat from coming off.
-David Kaplan