Semcycle 48 inch Giant Wheel

I read an article in Juggle Magazine about a fellow who is going to try to set some speed records on a Sem Abrams 48 inch wheel.
We all wants one. We wants Our Precious.

Please let Sem at Semcycle know about our deep need for big pneumatic tires on nice rims with frames and cranks and pedals and seats.

yeah cuz that old lookin one on udc from or whatever looks retarted.

How does one go about making a 48 in rim and spokes anyway?

just when I start thinking about getting a coker, someone comes around with a 48inch unicycle to force me to delay my coker purchase in favor of a bigger more awsom tire
actually i have no money for either, but maybe when i grow up, there will be a 48inch unicycle parked in my garage.

Well Bud, if size impresses you, you’d be interested to know that a 73" wheel unicycle has been built and ridden: http://