Semcycle 28" frame - biggest tire?

Does anyone know if the Schwalbe Big Apple 28x2.35" will work with the Semcycle 28" frame?

I’m curious about this too. I use a Nanoraptor tire. I’ve gone through 2 Sem XL frames that were out of alignment, and just today got a 28" Bedford frame that was not long enough to clear this tire. So now I’m looking at the Sun frame.

unisk8r - what is the actual measured size of your Nanoraptor?

I doubt that the Big Apple 2.35" would fit very well on the 28"Sun. There is 2.5" between the forks on the Sun, but that space narrows near the crown. With the standard 1.75 tire, there is about a .6 inch space between the top of fully inflated tire and the bottom of the crown. It will be tight, if it fits at all with the Big Apple. Also, the Sun is a cheap unicycle with cheap components, so I am not sure how well its frame would hold up.

It definately guaranteed fits fine on an original Yuni / Nimbus II frame.


It does fit, with about 5mm to spare.