Selling...'Red Devil'.

Please refer for the data and the picture of this uni to my previously intented advert called…Selling…‘Red Devil’.(search)
This uni is advertised in Unicycle .com under ‘Specials’
In additions it has Delta brake lever - left.
There is a choice of tyres.
It is bearly used. Price £200.
To be collected by the buyer.:slight_smile:

would you mail that 2 the US? california to be specific.


Too far to go.:o

ok. oh well that looks like an awesome uni.

out of curiousity, do you know how much it weighs? if you dont you dont have 2 go weigh it 4 me.

Not at all…

Jast done it.
With the HW tyre - as U see it on the picture 6.4 kg.:slight_smile:

wow thats really really light. good luck selling it