Selling price suggestions

Hey everyone, I’m debating selling my 29" and was wondering what an appropriate price would be?

It’s a 9lb build on a Oracle 29 frame, Custom built wheel with Halo Vapour rim and a 2.25" Continental Race King on a Nimbus Disc Hub with Sapim Lazer spokes. Also equipped with a dual piston Tektro brake.

Uni would come with 100mm cranks and I’d be keeping The pedals

I was thinking $475 USD or so. Let me know your thoughts!

Location? That thing’s a looker!

Located in Ontario Canada.

Also here’s a better picture. I’ll upload some after a cleaning when I get home, currently out on a trip with friends

I think your price is about right. A 29er Oracle is currently selling for $720 at UDC, but yours appears to be built more as a road uni than a muni. 9 lbs is seriously light and I’m sure that will have a strong appeal to someone, but pink is often a hard color to resell, not just with unicycles but with sporting equipment in general.

Agreed on the pink, I was going to offer to sand it down and prime it before sending it too. I figure it will help it if I do sell it

Yeah, I think that almost any other color would likely add $100 to the price. On the other hand, I have a buddy with a hot pink Cannondale mountain bike and he says that’s why he got it cheap and why he doesn’t have to worry about theft.

I definitely think the price is right. Your intended buyer is essentially someone looking for a 29 Oracle leaning towards xc or light trails riding and if I was that guy and saw this while looking at the Oracle, this is a good bit better and cheaper so why not. At least that’s my logic, and also that logic led me to buy a used 29 Nimbus a while back because it was about the same price as a Trainer 29 (which wasn’t even in stock) and was a bit better.