selling old schwinn / shipping question

I am thinking about selling my Schwinn… so, I’ll ask

1.) Does anyone want to buy it?

2.) Does anyone have experience shipping, and know about what it might
cost me to send?

It is a 24" Schwinn, circa 1975. Crank arms are cottered. Rim is S-7. Tire
is new (less than 6 months old). I have the original pedals as well as a
set of bmx style with the metal pins (1/2" thread). Seat post is 300mm
(semcycle) and seat is viscount. Everything is in good shape, though, some
of the spokes could use tightening, the wheel still looks true.

I bought it on e-bay nearly a year and a half ago (my first unicycle), and
by my estimation, the previous user started to learn to ride on it, gave
up, and let it sit in a garage for two decades.

It’s in amazing shape considering its age. It just takes up too much space
in my room (considering I keep 3 other unicycles plus a bicycle in my room
as well). I used to use the schwinn as my primary transportation unicycle,
but since I got the coker, the schwinn just sits there.

If anyone is interested, make me an offer. If not, I’ll probably post
it on e-bay.

Jeff Lutkus

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Jeff, I have one of those Schwinns too! They’re quite heavy but
industructable, huh! Great for learners. You might avoid shipping problems
by just posting where you’re at. Stay on top! Steve