Selling off my first uni

I’m finally selling the unicycle I learned to ride on, a 70’s era Schwinn, 24". I bought it at a Pawn Shop for $15, way back in March 2000. Took me a week to learn the basics, practicing about 3 hours a day. It was soon replaced by a Savage (bad choice) and increasingly higher-end unis as the years went by.

It’s of little practical use to me, weighs a ton, painful seat, and cottered cranks, but the sentimental value has kept it in my collection - until now. I saw a local want ad on craigslist from an art student who wants to learn for a performance piece. How can I withhold from a perspective convert? And it’s still got some miles left in it (though I’m pretty sure the tire is original - it actually says “UNICYCLE” on it!).

Anyone else still holding on to their first unicycle for sentimental reasons?