Selling My Uni For Real ! Custom 19 Inch Profile Uni For Cheap !!!!

i am not riding because it is pissing down with rain.
i am not geting drunk because i have work in three hours.
and how do you know that 70% of people on here are lame, did you do a survey? make a poll?
i dont know about other people but i dont like the idea of maxisback being better then eveyone else.

Well I’m the 30% who wished this shit didn’t exist on the forums.

never said I was better then anyone else… but I dont freak out when someone puts 140 instead of 145… sorry man but its the internet and ur freaking out…and I work full time 40 hours a week and I have time to get drunk and even if it rains i can still ride…all Im sayin is dont you have something better then to come in my thread where im trying to sell my uni and trash it ? I mean comon how lame ? get a car or something get something else to do…get a gf or something man I duno do w/e u like just dont come in my thread and shit on me cauz unlike some ppl I dont let my self get walked on and if ur not like that well too bad call me a jerk or an ass or stupid but we all know that the stupid person is the one who searches all the threads for wrong info then shits on ppl cauz they said something wrong by 5 mm…And you kno what it is true that 70% of the ppl here are lame… well too me and no I dint do a survey wth Im giving a rnadom number because there isnt alot off ppl on here that id hang out with and im sure not alot off u ppl would hang out with because what you ppl would wanna do is probly play ps2 while id wanna go party or racing or something fun… and if u got a problem with that well then dont even bother to read my thread… and no I dont think im better then everyone on here but I know that I have more fun then alot off ppl that just go around and trash threads cauz that prooves that they dont have a life and if u hate me soo much pm me and ask me for my adress and come shoot me or someshit I mean if u cant back up what u start then dont start it. Eversince I got on here u ppl gave me crap cauz my grammar was bad cauz im french even tho my first thread wasent negative so dont excepct me to be all nice if all you ppl dint even have time to think that maybe I suck at enlgish or that i just type fast and gave me shit. Im not trying to play the victim here but im the kinda guy that wont go give u a second chance unless u rlly deserve it and honnestly giving me shit cauz my grammar was bad… ? get a life man…So if u cant proove to me that u arent lame and that ur worthy of me not thinking ur a douche bag or even a shitbag then dont bother giving me crap cauz ill crap back on u… and even then u ppl dont want me to be nice to you because your too lame for that and we all know that…honnestly if id go to an event I woudnt talk to 50% of the ppl there cauz theyd be the same lame person that I talk to on here so id just do my thing and let u ppl bitch or w/e it is that u do…neways im done my essay on how u ppl should get a life so go ahead and bitch…

hope I dont get banned for this

and accord nsx if u accord actually does ahve an nsx engine ill still smoke it cauz ur a hoe. that right b18c EG turbo lick my muffler


Thanks for the great laugh this morning. Could someone post some cliffnotes on what he said? Not much of it made sense to me. Time for my fun though:

  1. I have a full-time job as well Max.
  2. I go to school full-time as well and I’m in my last year of getting my BS.
  3. I play video games, mainly Halo 2, and I’d whoop your ass (tehehe)
  4. I have time to get drunk and still ride.
  5. I use to drive an Accord, 5 years ago when I signed up, but not anymore.

And do you really think your b18c EG is the baddest thing on the planet? :wink:

lol u drive a supra ? I still drive 11 second on the track… and a supra is 12 I kno Ive raced some… :wink:

eg’s are badass when done right, they can easily out drag a sell built rx7, and stilll be crazy reliable. but drag is lame.

real men do it on gravel.

p.s. nicest ef ever built /\



lolol I wanna biuld a drift car but with the price of the sr20det right now ill wait :astonished:

“a” supra not “this” supra

lolllllllll well I took the civic on the track… its runnin low 10 almost 9… unless ur running ur supra on 50 psi ur not running better…and to run it on around 50 u need to have that shit BOOSTEDS and i dont think anyone on these forums has the 70 000$ for the supra then the 40 000$ for boosting it…

Brand New Toyota Shortblock and Head
HKS 264 Camshafts
Crower Valvesprings and Retainers
Titan Motorsports Cam Gears
Titan Motorsports Fuel System (85 lb. injectors)
Titan Motorsports Turbo Kit (Precision GT40-67 turbo)
Virtual Works Intake Manifold
AEM Engine Management
HKS DLI Ignition
Titan Motorsports Line Lock Kit
Titan Motorsports Radiator Brackets
Greddy 4 Row Intercooler
Koyo Radiator
Unorthodox Pulley Kit
Nitrous Express Wet Kit (75hp)
3.5" Titan Motorsports Downpipe
Greddy Evo 2 3.5" Exhaust
Carbon Fiber Radiator Panel and Plug Cover

Car is built for drag, dyno, and road.

And what did you do within a week of posting to improve your cars 1/4 by almost a full second? :roll_eyes:

I cahnged the turbo setup from a S14 (nissan) witch coudnt run higher then 14 psi to a brand new apexi turbo setup :slight_smile:


The word that always applies to anyone who says something like this:


neither of these little girls have posted any scans of their track time slips… which leads me to believe they’re both belching a lot of hot air.

put 'em up, girls, or quit waving your e-penises in the UNICYCLE TRADING POST. WTF?!

wow listening to max try to claim he drives an 11 second honda is getting pretty rediculous…its like trying to listen to listen to a football player talk about how good he is at basketball. Moral of the story…Max your a lieing sac of shit, and you don’t drive an 11 second civic. And who ever posted the pic of that supra…i happen to know the shop that built that supra, and thats not yours either. I guess you purchased the supra right out of Titan Motorsports trailer? So sweet…get a life kids and stop your internet fighting cause you all can’t back up what you post.

proof your a lier:

By the way. I drive a 2001 Mr2 Spyder, which has been turbo’d. Hass Stg 2 turbo. Volk Ce28n’s and i can back up what i say:

Theres the turbo:

and look theres my unicycle, leaning on my car…

My car runs a 12.3 in the 1/4 on the Yoko tires that are on it.

Well tell Bottle and Nero hello for me the next time you talk to them. The Supra wasn’t purchased from Titan Motorsports but built from the frame up by them for my brother. They also built the following one that happens to be parked in the same garage…

haha that was some pwneige right there ahahah

Hah stole the words out of my mouth, the first thing I thought when I was that was, OWNED, I loled.

Why can’t people just be nice, I think we all just need to so unicycling or something.