Selling my two unicycles

I am selling both of my unicycles. Nimbus Oracle 29” and 36”. The 29” is used but in great condition. The 36” is brand new only rode it twice. I took a nasty spill and hurt my shoulder bad. I will be 60 in December and can not afford to be payed up for any length of time. The wife says I have to say “see ya” to my uni’s. I’m asking $400.00 for the 29 and $800.00 for the 36.

I do not know how to post a photograph on here. I will be glad to do so if someone will tell me how.
If u r interested reach out to me at

Please forgive me if I did not follow appropriate protocols here. I am not computer savvy.

Is the 29" still available?

Hey Gramps are those seat covers the nimbus “air cushions”?
Are they as comfy as they say?

BTW, don’t give up on unicycles.
You may retire as a “distance” rider, but a little 20" or 24" is just perfect for small area riding.
A lot of us unicyclist just enjoy idling, flat offroading, grass riding, free mount tricks,…etc.

We don’t need big wheels & little cranks to wanna keep up with two wheelers.
Best thing is UPD at 5mph doesn’t end up in the hospital.
Also, they’re stealthy if you don’t want to be caught riding by your “better half”. Ya know.

Keep on.

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Air seat covers are very comfortable. Treat your self to one.

If the 29er is still available, I would like to buy it. DM me.

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