Selling my Sem Seat.

Ok, so I am working on getting together the cash to buy a Beford MUni. So for starters I’m going to sell the burgendy Sem Deluxe seat that I bought for my Sem XL. It includes the 300mm seat post.

I’m selling it for $75 Cdn or $48 US plus shipping.

Get in touch with me at:
if you want more info or are interested in buying the seat.

Oh yeah, it is hardly used as I upgraded pretty quick to a Miyata so the Sem is in good shape and currently sleeping in my storage loft.



woah!? <sneaks out the back door>

Oops, I made a mistake on that previous post… :astonished:
I will be needing the post for the new MUni so it is only the burgendy Sem Deluxe seat that is for sale.

The seat has an exceptionally durable rubber cover with foam padding underneath and can be converted to an airseat.

New pricing then:

$60 Cdn or $38 US plus shipping.

Contact me at: