Selling a rare(?) Schwinn frame setup

I don’t want to toss this thing, offer anything that feels fair. Saddle and hub are Nimbus from a few years ago.

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A few details that would be helpful:
Where are you selling from?
Is that a 20" or 24" frame?
How many spoke holes does that hub have?
Could you post a picture of the uni from the side?

The saddle is a bit flatter than it appears here. It’s just a standard Nimbus saddle with a groove. 36H cottlerless hub, 29" frame. Everything is in good condition, and the frame flex is nice. I’m selling it because I don’t like the weight, I want the square fork crown, and my bolt isn’t big enough to keep the saddle perfectly straight.

Interested if you could tell me where you are from! Let me what you think is fair.

I’m located in the RDU area of North Carolina. The parts (those which can be found) come out to $120 on UDC US, so I’ll wouldn’t ask for more than $60 for those. The frame flexes really nicely from side to side, and the 29" size seems to have vanished from memory. If you want to pay ~$50 for it, that’s great, but I want to find it a home. If you really want a good deal, I ask that you at least pay for shipping.

Definitely a modern reproduction. Is the original ones had the lollipop style hub attachment. After some research I found out that they did come in this color from a few years ago. Looks like someone just removed the stickers.

Removing them was my preference. Thanks for the research. My father had it 20 years ago, he says he can’t remember where or when he got it, but since he was idling on gravel in my memory, and only rode it once in front of us, I guess he had it for at least one year before that.

Actually, he just told me it was bought around ten years ago.

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