sellin my Muni

hey everyone,

im putting my muni up 4 sale. Im gettin out of muni and into tuni.

i was lookin for about $650 for it.

it has:

gazz 3.0
double wide rim
profile cranks and hub
welgo replacable pin pedals
a miyata seat
and a Yuni frame.

the uni does look a little old its just because ive painted it green and the paint is chipping off.

any takers? let me know!

p.s. i can also accepet a trade ( im looking for a 20 inch onza with splined cranks. so if u wanna do that then the onza and a few bucks could work to.

laid her,

my unis the biggest one in the pic.

my uni.jpg


this to


I might be in the market in a month or so, but I don’t have the money yet.:frowning:

Re: sellin my Muni

I’m going to assume that’s $650 Canadian, eh? :slight_smile:
$650 Canadian is about $484.93 U.S. Dollars.


it is

you said miyata seat… in the pic it looks like a KH. which is it?


that pic is a pic form when i first got my muni.

it now has a miyata seat on it cause the kris holm ripped off.

so theres a miyata on it now ( plus the frames green)

Re: sellin my Muni

please dont say “Tuni”.
it makes my skin crawl, even more so with capitalisation.
i beleive in free speech and everything,
so please, just for me, say “trials” instead.
you dont have to stop, just apreciate that it makes me feel ill, every time i read it,
thank heavens that nobody i ever met actualy says the word out aloud. that would be a horrible thing.

i dont like my favourite activity to sound like some kind of “when all the cartoon caracters were at school” crappy animated tv show.

Re: Re: sellin my Muni

AMEN brother


so is nobody interested in my uni?

i talked to my sponsor and he said at least 700$ for it so im selling to for that or obo.