Sella Ronda Uni

Sella Ronda Uni Adventure

The Dolomites are widely regarded as being among the most attractive mountain landscapes in the world. Their intrinsic beauty derives from a variety of spectacular vertical forms such as pinnacles, spires and towers, with contrasting horizontal surfaces including ledges, crags and plateaux, all of which rise abruptly above extensive talus deposits and more gentle foothills. A great diversity of colours is provided by the contrasts between the bare pale-coloured rock surfaces and the forests and meadows below. The mountains rise as peaks with intervening ravines, in some places standing isolated but in others forming sweeping panoramas. Some of the rock cliffs there rise more than 1,500 m and are among the highest limestone walls found anywhere in the world. Their dramatic vertical and pale coloured peaks in a variety of distinctive sculptural forms are extraordinary in a global context.
About a month ago I had the wonderful opportunity to ride in one of the Nine UNESCO World Heritage Dolomite sites. The Ronda Sella is a loop ride travelling around the Sella Group; accomplished by combining four breathtaking Passes. My morning on the 29er was unforgettable, as I climbed over a couple of them, Passo Campolongo, and Passo Gardena. I have never ridden in such heavenly mountains, (sorry Colorado); I did not want the ride to end. I will go back someday and ride more in the Dolomites, both on and off road. They are world class; not the highest in elevation, but what they lack in elevation they more than make up for in beauty. Stay with Alex at Garni Setsass in Colfusco, excellent accommodations in an idyllic setting. There is an annual Alpine World Cup ski race held in Alta Badia, Corvara every year. I will let my pictures do the rest of the talking, these are just a few. Enjoy!

Awesome pictures and views. I’m truly envious. I’m stuck in the rat race it feels like, maybe one day I’ll just set out on a long soul searching journey, that’s what I really need.

That road looks awesome to ride; all those turns!

Once again, another spectacular ride Mike! Can’t wait until I have a moustache as cool as yours.

Oh, and your abilities of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your pictures tend to be very unreal… :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your adventures!


Who took the photos of you on the grass? Did other riders go with you?

So nice to learn about a beautiful ride the can be done in a day!



MIke you’re great! Your pictures are awesome… even for me i live here in Belluno, far only few minutes by car from this place. I never ride in mountain streets before now, I prefer muni as now, but I hope in the future to became a climber like you… and I hope you’ll come again here in the Dolomites and ride together!
Greeting from the beautiful Dolomites, white capped as now.

Great pictures nice that you got to ride in the dolomites. For me they are also the best place I ever unicycled. Last year I went there three times but sadly this year I didnt make it. If you go there again and need some recommendations just drop me a message.

This is one off the pictures Markus Greber took off Stephanie Dietze and me there last year: