(Sell) Nimbus BC Wheel (Barely Used) North America


So I bought a BC wheel and ended up never using it so I decided I’m going to sell it. It’s barely been used and is the exact same as this picture.

Mine does have blue grip tape on it though.

I’ll post some pictures tomorrow though.

I was thinking $100 USD OBO. You pay shipping.

PM Me if interested and for pictures but i’ll post some tomorrow.

Bump/Anyone Interested?

i’m interested, but it may be a week or two before i’ll have the cash. if noone buys it between now and whenever i get the money then i’ll take it.

do you ship to Denmark? and is it possible to buy the plates only(i will give you about 30 USD for them)?

unirox13 you have it right now… i can wait.

OUK- Sorry i will not ship to denmark.

for £30 and some postage i’ll ship mine to you.

please don’t thread jack… :wink:

just pm him.

Yeah its anyones now.

Anyone interested?

Its still open for 100$ OBO.

Im also looking to sell my 07 KH frame in great condition.

Anyone interested in either???

PM me

sorry ill take them right now and post them tomorrow.

Tomorrow cause im not on my computer and im moving so i have to set up the computers in the rental tomorrow.

Sorry again.

Pics for both the frame and the BC Wheel.

Already got someone looking to buy the frame but you never know.

Ok nvm i did it just barely


there is the album hopefully it worked.

Ummm the bearing caps on the frame are basically new just grinded on a few time.

The only worn thing is the seat post clamp which is usable but a little old sorry only spare i have…

There you go.

Is the BC wheel still available? Where are you located?

Kevin Kervick

yeah its still available. I’m located in Utah.

Both the BC Wheel and the 07 KH Frame are available.

You pay shipping.

BC Wheel- $95 USD
KH Frame- $110 USD

No one interested???

Both are stilllllll available!:wink:

I’ll buy the frame for $110 shipped???

is the bc wheel still avalible???

yes it is!!

I’m definitely interested in the bc wheel.