Sell Me your Trials Uni!

OK, I’m jonsing for a trials uni. I would like one that’s in good shape… what you got?
I would prefer to pay with Paypal as it’s going on my business card…

19" Koxx trials uni

I have a 19" Koxx Devil that I bought from a few years ago. Still in pretty good condition, will supply with a couple of spare inner tubes with metal and rubber pedals!
Let me know if you want me to send you some pics and paypal is fine.


hi, I’m selling my trials uni.

KH low crown frame, Hand built wheel moment hub, 48mm zhi rim, with sapim butted tandem spokes, Monty eagle claw tire. I removed the padding in the seat and replaced it with a kayak seat pad so I could grip the seat better. I can send the original foam with it. Everything is in great shape except for a couple small tears in the seat cover and various scratches. Never did any drops higher than I could hop. Pictures soon. 400$ plus shipping.


I’d be interested in seeing pics.

PM-ed you… price too high, UDC has KH trials uni for $489 new right now…anyone else?

i’ve got an ( i think its '08) KH trials uni. It’s collecting dust since im kind of done with demos. I bent the rim a bit and tweaked it back but i would suggest getting a new rim. so i could knock $50 off the price?

im thinking $275.

ill get you some pics tonight, im just at work :wink:

  • Justin

p.s. also selling it cause im wanting a 26 or Muni and a 24 for street.

When you get a chance, post some pics… I’d love to see it :smiley:

a you can see the rim on it now is rideable, but i would look into either truing it more or just a new rim.

JFYI it’s a 07

assumed as much with the blue hub.

so whats the dealeo my man?

Sorry, I’m just going to buy new after I by a Triton frame for my MUni :slight_smile: