Sell kH36 to fund 26 GUNI?

Hello Everyone!

Sorry if there has been a similar thread,

I am considering selling my KH36 to half fund upgrading my KH26 Muni to a Guni, do you think is it worth the cost and also having to say goodbye to my much loved KH36?


Hmmmm, conundrum…?

Howdy Tom!

Sounds like the old muni has got you hooked! That KH26 used to be my guni, but my hub now lives in my 36er. I just got back from a 48km ride on the big geared wheel, and I truelly do love the feel of a geared 36. It’s personal preference though…But if I had my time again I would have built the hub straight into the 36er; the only reason I didn’t was that I had to travel a lot with my GUNI, and the smaller wheel made it more practical.

If I were you I would keep the KH36 for now, and pimp myself out to raise the funds to upgrade the KH26 to a GUNI. Then in the future if you are still keen on touring, you already have the KH36, and could even switch your hub into that wheel at a later date if you are serious about uni touring.

The 26" GUNI is a hoot to ride, but it still is a totally different beast to a single speed 36er. When I get another hub I am going to put it in my mini penny farthing, and one day when I win lotto and can justify a 3rd geared hub I will build up another 26" GUNI.

Again, all personal preference though…Do what makes you happy! :slight_smile:



There’s no right answer here. Other than keeping the 36 remortgaging
The house and buying the schlumpf too

It really depends on what you expect to get out of your geared uni

I really love my schlumpf hub
I’ve had it for 6 months and I’m not even close to mastering it. To get used to it I’m riding mostly cyclepaths and some hardpacked dirt. Not been close to Muni yet
You’ll probably be able to use high gear where you can use your 36, but don’t expect it to be easy to learn. But it is fun to learn. I have the same feeling I had when I first rode a uni

My feeling is there’s so much potential for a 2 geared uni it’s worth the effort. But it’s not for everyone. I think ‘nurse ben’ has done the exact opposite transaction. I think based on the trails he rides

But I would say go for it

Haha great advice Dmac!

It most certainly does have me hooked! That is a really good point, I guess I just figured the most economical option would have been to have my Muni and touring uni as one, but I have to admit I would really miss the feel of the 36, and the reaction the big wheel gets! I think i might follow in your footsteps in starting with a 26 Guni, then one day trying it in my 36, although that is a scary thought!

Thanks Dmac, hope you are well over there mate. Let me know if you are keen for a Muni when you are back in Melbourne!

Cheers from Tom

Thanks Fatlazy pig lol, so much to think about! I am just happy to have found uni at a stage where there is so much great equipment available!