Self Propelled BC Wheel

Doing a little Google search I came upon a Sprag Wheel at this site.

A Sprag Clutch is what the pull-cord on a small engine starter such as a lawnmower attaches to.

The description reads: The sprag wheel is a one-wheeled recreational vehicle. Two treads extending on opposite sides of the wheel provide a place for the driver to stand; a flywheel concentrically mounted with the treads provides stability for the driver. The device is assembled so that the treads will move only by changing the rpm of the flywheel. The sprag wheel is designed to imitate Thor’s wheel of the “B.C.” comic strip.

Here is the drawing, what it doesn’t show is the standing platform attached to the outside of the axle.

Can it be done?

It might work on level ground if the rolling resistance wasn’t too great. Pulling up with your arms uses mostly your biceps which isn’t a very big muscle, so your endurance would be extremely limited.

It does seem like it should be possible to power an impossible wheel with some kind of mechanism, though. I’d build a cluch/gear system that you worked with your calf muscles by alternately rocking the platforms. I’d would be complicated and delicate but it might work.

it doesn’t have to use only the biceps. the deltoids would be useful too. or you could just use the wrists