What do you think of my friends self-portrait? he did it in coreldraw. Took about 30mins


sorry about the size


Only 30 minutes? Some of us spend that long composing posts without any pictures at all!

Well, since you asked…

It’s BIG.

Where’s your friend’s other foot? :smiley:

Why are his cranks at 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock?

Is he related to Marilyn Monroe?
She only had six toes, we’ve been told.
Your friend only has six fingers (and that doesn’t count his thumbs).

Is your friend a diabetic?
It appears that the toes of his right (and only) foot have been amputated.

Is your friend a fan of Vincent van Gogh?

Is your friend’s name J. Paul Getty III?
(explanation of obscure joke follows)

Jean Paul Getty III is the oldest grandson of J. Paul Getty Sr. He was also the victim of what possibly is one of the most famous kidnapping cases in the last century. He was kidnapped (while in his teens) by the Italian Red Brigades and held for a $3.2 million ransom. Because his family balked at paying the ransom, his right ear was cut off and sent to an Italian newspaper. Only then was a $1 million ransom paid and Jean Paul III released.

Re: Self-Portrait

You’re slipping, you missed out the fact that the wheel has no spokes… :slight_smile:

'Tis a very good picture… my drawing ability on a computer is next to zero, in spite of trying. How good is your friend at non-computery drawing?


coool pic

like the picture! yr mates celver wiht the computer most of my computer pics look about as good as a 5 years olds attempt at drawing the mona lisa

Re: Re: Self-Portrait

Actually, I just thought that the spokes were an invisible blur because of the rider’s furious pedalling speed.

We seem to have assessed this work from completely different perspectives, Phil…

While you appear to view the piece as a stylized abstraction of a technical rendering of a plucky lad on a defective Unicycle…

… I see this as a highly realistic rendering of a Unicyclist who likes to challenge himself, and who isn’t satisfied with the typical “break-a-crank or taco-a-rim” equipment-bashing mindset, but pushes the envelope all the way into permanent body-modification as a means of reaching spiritual self-fulfillment via the denial and rejection of the ultimately limited and corruptible corporeal “self”.

… but then, everybody’s a critic!


his non-computer drawing is superb, i’ll try and scan some in if people are interested, he did two hands juggling, something which is particularly hard to draw, and it was perfect.
he is uncleicy on here, but couldnt remember his password

I changed the size so that I could see everythibg, if you want to see it its here:

Err… It didnt upload right and i cant change it in edit :frowning:




Her’s one of my self portraits. I’ve done two but this one I turned into a t-shirt. I get quite a few comments when I’m wearing it.


That’s awesome Jason…

Not that onewheeldaves’s friend’s one isn’t also excellent :slight_smile:

You can’t see the other crank, he’s clearly one-foot riding :wink:

Why are your hands so big? It’s almost grotesque. Woah. Now i can’t sleep. :smiley:

Nice pic manic_mark, What’s that logo on your shirt?

ok ok ok! I couldn’t help myself. i had to make a self portrait. Yes i know it is crap but i really don’t have the proper equipment to transform art on paper into art on a computer. Plus i only did it in less than a half hour.


Air paddles. They’re that big in real life too. If I flap my arms fast enough I never upd. :stuck_out_tongue:

That could come in handy if you Kayak as well.:smiley:

dont know what the shirt logo is, but i’ll ask him next time he’s here

Just realised I meant manic_mark’s, oops.
Really must learn to read one of these days.