Self portrait uni photo gets prize

I entered a photo of myself, riding muni in my towns “The beauty of Easton through its people” photo contest. I didn’t win 1st 2nd or even 3rd place, but I did get an honorable mention for this photograph. It was triggered with a remote shutter release.

Very nicely done, I thought it was going to be like this for sure:

is that a nokia headset? It looks as if it could be from the 5300 XpressMusic?

You are very good. phone twin?

Hey if you’re really Canadien, where in your pic is your Molson, eh???

  1. Molson is for rookies, I drink maple syrup by the jug and eat back bacon by the pound.
  2. The syrup is in my camel back.
  3. One on one took a banger shot and I apologize for the threadjack, very nice colours (yes coloUrs, I am as canadian as they come)

Very nice photo, i like the colors on the trees. You can really tell its fall there…however…

My only complaint about the picture, is that you blend into the background with that blue shirt. I’m thinking a yellow shirt would have really made the photo stand out more. Any other color, you would blend into the background, thus removing the subject.

Nice pic, looks like the perfect day for a ride.

sorry to derail the thread any further but the picture was actually taken with that phone as well.

the overall design (proportions) is perfect!
too bad your face is not showing and that the colour of your shirt is blue…

Definitely a cool picture, I love the colors of the trees.

Great shot! There’s nothing wrong with the blue shirt. Though another color would have made some better contrast with the sky, it’s not like you’re blending into it. What would have helped more would be some fill flash to light up your face, but what’re you going to do?

one on one, that is a great pic! deserving of any recognition you get for it.

mmmmmmmmmmm…maple syrup


Thanks for the comments. The blue shirt was chosen so as not to compete with the landscape. The theme being “The beauty of Easton through its people” any bright color would have distracted. It really was a beautiful day with the changing leaves. Great day for a ride.

johnfoss some type of fill would have been great, unfortunately, fill flash never would have carried the distance between the camera and the subject, especially in the bright sunlight. I would have used a fill reflector except it was quite windy that day and there wasn’t anyone else there to keep it from blowing across the field.

Thanks Brian for improving on my photo. I probably would have placed in the top 3 if I had used your help with my image.

funny stuff, the detail that is revealed when you lighten up the dark areas in a photo :slight_smile: