Self-Extracting Crank Bolt question

I’ve just picked up a new pair of cranks for my pre-isis KH/Onza hub. My old pair has self-extracting bolts on them, and I thought I’d just swap those over to my new ones. But I have two problems with that:

  1. I don’t have a pin spanner, which is the tool used to install and remove the bolts from the crank arm.
  2. The bolts seem like they must be loctited on, because they I can’t get them even to budge with my “workaround” tool (a set of circlip pliers that fit, if not perfectly, in the pin holes).

Anybody know the size I need for a new set to install in the new cranks? Or have other suggestions?


I think this is a tool that they will have at your local bike shop. I may be wrong but any special tools required for servicing standardized parts should be available there.

I have those cranks, and the threads are backwards, so you might be turning them the wrong direction. They have the self extracting bolt kit at UDC US, for 5 dollars. I think you need to order the bolts, and the rings separately so it’s probably 10 bucks w/o shipping.

D’oh! I’ll check on the backwards threads thing; I hadn’t tried turning the other way. Maybe that’ll take care of the issue.

I’ll also check at the LBS for the tool. You can never have too many tools!

If you have a good LBS they should let you do it in house using their tools.

So it turns out that the left-handed threads were the only stumbling block; I was able to remove the bolts with my circlip pliers easily once I turned them the right direction.

So my KH24 now has fashionable 140s instead of the oh-so-trite 165s. I’m hopeful this’ll help me spin a little better, and make the transition between my 29er (with 150s) and the 24 a little less drastic.

Thanks again for the help and suggestions.

Glad I could help. Now I just need to find a set of shorter cranks, I could use some 150’s, but at this point it will be cheaper to buy a new moment hub/crank combo than to buy new kh/onza cranks.

I know it’s not the right tool, but I always use these…


I really need to dust my laptop.

I bought mine from Darren Bedford for US$80, which made it worth the money to stay with my current hub instead of going to a Moment setup. I like my wheel the way it is, and didn’t want to go to all the trouble of relacing, etc. so was very happy with Darren’s price and service. Quite the savings over the $125 UDC asks for the same cranks.