Self-designed Seat Cover

Here is a photo of a seat cover I designed for my KH20 Unicycle (Fusion saddle). Made of denim material, with draw-string attachment underneath. What do you think of the prototype?


Very stylish. Any chance you’ll post the pattern here so some of the rest of us might try it out?

Looks great !

But denim holds moisture :frowning:
It wont be long before mildew sets in :frowning:

That looks nice. Many years ago (1982?) my mom made me a denim Miyata seat replacement. To give you an idea how long ago this was, it was for the old Miyata seats with metal bumpers. We kept the white vinyl top part from a seat where the sides were all ripped up, and replaced the sides with blue-jean denim.

I thought that should be really tough. I was surprised to see how fast it wore through. This is in part due to the high friction areas along the bottom edge of the seat. I think the KH saddle will have less friction in those areas, so it should hold up a lot better. But that old vinyl seat stuff was definitely stronger than the denim we used back then.

Thanks for the comments! I see how demin probably isn’t the greatest material to use. That material was really just as a “trial” to get a pattern worked out, since it was easy to work with. I’ve got a leather jacket, which I can cut up and use for the next round of testing. Any other suggestions for a good material to use?


yuor seat looks adentitical the kh fusions its amazin

That is a really great looking cover. I have made quite a few myself. Vinyl is my material of choice :slight_smile: It wears well and has some stretch to it which makes fitting it onto the saddle a little easier

brockfisher05: yes, we were really pleased with how the seat turned out!

Krashin’Kenny: As soon as I can find some vinyl, I’ll give that a try; thanks for the suggestion!

I now have the coat disassembled and the pattern cut out in dark-green smooth leather. We are in the process of machine-stitching it together now. Here are the pieces…


Leather wouldn’t hold up good.

You would need to constantly maintain it though, if you want to keep it water resistant.
Remember that leather is heavy, esp. when wet.
It also changes size too.
(shrinks when dry)
And it’s not very strong, it may rip at your stiching.

So, maybe not so good either, but hey!, for looks and comfort :thumbsup

Opps … looks like you’ve made your cuts, and already stitching … :smiley:

Hope it works out !

I’ve finished my newest prototype. The leather looks quite nice, and feels comfortable. We will have to see how it wears.


That turned out really nice. Do you have an upolstry sewing machine, or did you use a standard sewing machine? I think leather will be fine, saddles-leather, motorcycle seats-leather, car seats-leather, cows-leather. They all seem to do fine. So are you going to sell your covers? And do they have draw strings? And how are you knocking these out so fast?

bugman, Thanks for your comments/encouragement! Yes, I am planning to try and sell these at some point. However, until I have done extensive testing (and any required mods), I won’t consider offering them for sale. I’ll certainly keep everyone posted on the results of our testing.

Yes, it does have a drawstring.

Thanks for your interest…

This is what you’re looking for:

Ripstop Nylon

This is (I believe) the stuff that a lot of durable consumer goods are made of, like tents and gloves and gaiters and the like. I found some remnants at the local fabric store for around $4 / yd.

It looks like you just copied the design of the Fusion cover. Did you do the same design for the draw string attachment? I was hoping to re-enforce the attachment with some gussets or something to keep the string from ripping out…

Re: Self-designed Seat Cover

“maestro8” <> writes:

> Ripstop Nylon

Nylon is the standard which high strength fibers are measured against,
but rip stop isn’t what yer after. Rip stop is a very thin fabric,
and can be recognized by heavier threads in the weave at regular
intervals forming a grid. “Pack cloth” and “Cordura” are examples of
heavier nylon fabrics.

Still, I’d stick with leather for performance. Leather is strong,
supple, stands up to heavy use, and looks great. The only downside is
the cost. By the way, don’t use suede - it can be very strong, but is
too sticky to ride comfortably. Don’t ask how I know…

For high fashon, you can’t go wrong with the “shampelt”
[] that Fish Products uses
in their climbing harnesses and chalkbags. I don’t claim to know how
strong the stuff is, but I’d be first in line to buy seat covers with
leather in the high wear areas and some oh so suave Honey Dalmation
accents. Drop Russ at line at for the dirt on


Any chance in getting one of those seat covers for a miyata seat? They look great.

I’ve used three materials for unicycle seats, vinyl (Miyata), cordura nylon (Roach), and leather (Gemcrest). Of these the leather is the best for durability. Also it deals with getting wet better and looks better too. I think you’ll be very happy with your custom seat - nice job.


I don’t have that particular seat, so it would be difficult to make a pattern which would fit nicely. Thanks for your interest though…

So far, I’ve done about 20 kms on the leather seat. It still looks great, and is holding together perfectly. What kind of testing would people like to see before I consider offering them for sale?

Thanks to everyone for your comments! Also, thanks for suggestions on materials for the seat. I’ll have to give them a try…

I would like to test one before you start selling them.:smiley:

i have some yellow kevlar fabric i would like to have a cover made from one day.

Just an update on the leather seat cover I designed/made last fall. After a couple hundered KMs of trials-type riding it still looks and works great…other then a little scuffing, the material has held up fine.

Also, I made a similar seat cover for my brother out of a black leather jacket; after over 500 KMs of riding, it too still looks like the day I made it.