Self-designed Coker/Giraffe unicycle

Reading the previous forum inspired me. I started yeasterdy and have completed the ultimate speed deamon!! I took a free 27" road bike chopped off the frame and bolted in some tubing to allow for a seat. The only problem is you have to remove the derailer b/c it removes tension. I guess if one can glide then you could leave the derailer on? W/e so tommarow i am going to the bike store to get a custom length chain and then it is ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM.

I have to decide what gear ratio i shold start with, b/c in order to change it i would need to lengthen or shorten the chain. I am thinking 1:2.5 but i can also go for 1:4 or 1:2 any suggestions?

I will post pics once my sis comes home with her digital camera(15th).

All I can say is: Good luck! :slight_smile:

I’m sure you have already done the math but do you realize a 2:1 ratio would give you a unicycle with a simulated wheel size of 54"? Do you have much experience with big wheels? I built a unicycle with similar dimensions to what you described last summer but was unable to ride it since each pedal revolution moved me so much further then I was comfortable with.

I would strongly recommend learning to glide on a giraffe unicycle before building a coasting (freewheeling) big wheel. I have never seen someone glide on a giraffe, I’m not sure if it is plausible to do. As you saw on my unicycle I removed the b*cycle’s rear shifter so that you can pedal both ways to regain balance and/or stop and/or slow down; to pedal both ways like a direct drive unicycle you have to somehow lock out the rear gears so they cannot freewheel.

Please keep us posted on your progress. Though I would recommend you start by building something closer to a regular giraffe. From my experience homebuilt creations seem to have a way of being harder to ride then a similar store-bought item.

If you intend to leave in the deraileur, please be sure to get video of some of your attempts to ride it. This is the official “told you so” from the community on deraileurs on unicycles. I’ve never seen a unicycle with a deraileur. Believe us here, or find out for yourself!

I recommend you start with 1:1 and get used to riding your beast before upping the ratio. Enjoy!