Self concious

Well, when I started unicycling I rode around parks, feeling very awkward because everybody stared at me, lately, I’ve started to embrace it more, but have other people felt this way very much, or is it more of a minority of unicyclers???

Yes. I’m very self-conscious.



Very self concious. Hate the comments, even the positive ones. I think, what’s it got to do with them. However, as with everything unicycle, with practice it becomes easier. Don’t give up, keep at it.
PS there are other threads regarding this, i’ve probably started a couple myself. If I could tell you where they were I would but I guess you’ll just have to search.

kinda…sometimes it depends. I find what helps the most is if you’re riding with at least one other unicyclist, because then you don’t look like just a crazy person on one wheel…no, you look like two or more crazy people on one wheel!! but if there’s more than one, I donno, helps somehow.

Oh yeah, I agree totally. Safety in numbers.


To bad im the only unicyclist in my area then :frowning:

So how many people can you fit on one wheel? I think you’d get more comments if you were riding around with four people on a single wheel than just one person on one wheel.

yeah, that’s what I thought as I was writing it too :stuck_out_tongue: and then there’s tandem uni’s, though those aren’t very popular or practical…
I think the most people balanced on one wheel would be somethin like…

Five people, even better. Now just always make sure to ride with those people, and I’m sure they’ll take the brunt of the comments/questions, thus leaving you alone and allowing you to ride in peace.

I find unicycling is a good way to interact with a lot of people who would normally ignore you. I enjoy hearing the same comments over and over again; I can work on my comebacks almost every ride. I love to see the varied reactions: incredulity, the freak factor, incredulity, the skill factor, incredulity, the amazed factor … yes, most people seem to be incredulous when it comes to unicycling as a sport.

Another thing I have noticed is that some people think you can’t hear them, they will discuss you until you are out of earshot, occasionally I stop and answer one of their questions just to see their reaction that, Yes, I actually can hear them.

I don’t mind the people, just get out and ride!

If looks bother you … dont ride in the city :stuck_out_tongue:
Esp at rush hour… I’ve caused some near accidents for others watchn me and not where they are driving…

I’ve had people ‘freeze’ in the middle of the sidewalk … So, I have to turn fast to avoid hitting them.
(they act like deer in the headlights)

I’ve had others walk way out of the way, afraid I’ll hit them …

I got the “where’s you other wheel…?” nice and loud from a guy on the sidewalk a few hours ago. When I got real close to him I said, softly and directly, … “Don’t need another wheel.”

Sunglasses and music (walkman,i-pod etc.) help quite well!

Re: Self concious

DigitalDave wrote:
> If looks bother you … dont ride in the city :stuck_out_tongue:

Dave, if you happen to be around Logan blvd/Square this saturday or
sunday afternoon and see a guy in flourescent chartreuse spandex on a
uni, say hello to me.


Not really. Some person will be like “Wow, I wish I could ride a unicycle.” And I’m like “Your mom wishes she could ride a unicyle.” And one time a kid was like “Do you know how hard it is to ride that?” And I say “Yes” and ride away. And never look back, cause that makes you a player, whatever that means.

I’m generally fairly conscious of the people around me, but it doesn’t bother me when they stare. I enjoy seeing their reactions, especially when I pull off something really strange or difficult. Maybe I do show off a little bit, but (as has been said before) I do it not so much to show what I can do, as to show what can be done on a unicycle. I do find it embarassing when people (usually those in my neighborhood who have been seeing me on and off ever since I started riding) stop their cars and roll down their windows to tell me I am great, awsome, incredible, amazing, etc.

To bad im the only unicyclist in my area then


Posting to agree with what jsm said.

People see me out so much they’re commenting on my improvement when I learn a new trick!

I’m a bit of an extrovert and an avid people-watcher, so it’s great to see how other people react to some fool rolling down the road on a unicycle about as tall as he is. Some people ignore my existance, some come over and chat with me, some say something and some just smile.

Also, I firmly believe it is your duty as a unicyclist to wave to any little kid who is staring in amazement as you ride by. I’m sure most of the people here will agree :smiley:


Most people just bring a big smile to their face when they spot me cruising by. It’s nice to see that type of reaction - as if the kid within them comes beaming out.

Just the other day, one of my neighbors in his early eighties, stopped me with the same big smile and wanted to know everything about my 29er. Little munchkins (children) seem to really enjoy seeing the oddity of one wheel with a person perched on top it…what the hell, be unique.

So, don’t be leery about riding around people. Come out of the closet. Let’s face it, people probably look at you and suspect your a unicyclists anyway. Sure your friends may see a two wheel bike in your yard or garage, but don’t ever remember seeing you ride one…it only serves to be fuel for a very Suspicious fire.

Admitting your obsession openly will free you. It may take time for some of your friends and neighbors to accept your lifestyle, but at least your no longer hiding who you are. :smiley:

For me it depends on my mood…Sometimes I may smile and wave when I get a reaction and when I don’t want to be bothered, I put on the sunglasses and music…But I always wave when they’re kids around…