Self Balancing Unicycles at the Fair

So I was at the Clark County Fair Tuesday and was touring the exhibits. I came around the corner and what do you think I saw? A whole rack of SBUs!!
The designer and builder of the SBU, Daniel Wood, was there as well and he gladly answered questions about his ingenious product which he manufactures directly out of his shop in Vancouver, WA. I have to confess that at first I was not real happy about a unicycle that destroyed the pure essence of unicycling, but now, after seeing the SBU demonstrated and explained in person I have changed my opinion. The SBU is quite remarkable and definitely requires more skill than we give it credit for. However, the simplicity of the SBU remains with a guarantee to be able to learn how to ride it within an hour. The SBU’s high-end battery is top of the line in today’s technology and lasts for two hours on a charge. I was not too pleased with the SBU’s weight of roughly 24 pounds but I had to remind myself that this unicycle has a battery and a motor. :slight_smile:

As Daniel was explaining the SBU I couldn’t help but also keep an eye on the video being played on the TV. It was some awesome footage of him riding a SBU around San Francisco with friends and, of course, Adam Savage who received a SBU. Adam appeared to be greatly enthralled with the SBU and it was hilarious to see him learning how to ride it. At the end of Daniel’s excellent explanation and demonstration of the SBU I picked up his business card

and brochure which I made him sign. :wink:

It was really cool to meet Daniel and the SBU. If you are anywhere near the Clark County Fair I strongly suggest heading down there and checking out his booth. If you can’t head on down to the fair at least visit the SBU’s website Keep in mind that the sport of unicycling weather its from flat, to MUni from street, to daily commuting, is still evolving. Give the SBU a chance and check it out, you won’t regret it.

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Guruni sees the humble Torker LX with no pedals but wonders how can this be more fun than riding a real Torker LX? Guruni fears he would fall off and get hurt. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is certainly a feat of construction by wise men.