Self balancing one-wheeled skateboard thing

Me likey.

Very cool, but if that belt come off he’s f*****!

that’s pretty sweet.


i remember someone posting this before, it seems quiet pointless but nicely built

It’s like rolla bolla.

May as well have an electric skateboard though…

electric skateboards=awesome!!!
some of my neighbors have one… it is the sickest thing ever… until you wipe out going 32? like i did, theirs was different than the one in the video, it had a wireless controller. speed wobble is a problem for them… i got some BAD speed wobble going full speed, ended up sliding about 45* for 30 yards or so, fishtailing the opposite way, and hitting looser gravel.

that sucked. my whole knee is a scar from that, but its hard to tell now…

i don’t like it very much.

EDIT: read a few comments on it…
this might have made my day.

Nice, quite an accomplishment building something like that from scratch.

damn, there is one of these for every single scenario