sejflip :)

hey guys!!
this day is one of my best;)

special thanks to!


Nice! I like that you landed it to seat in also. good job!

thank you :slight_smile:


You’ve progressed so fast. We landed our first treyflips right around the same time, and now you’ve just become so great! One of the world’s best, for sure.

Unicon 2012, gonna be sick.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah, that was totally sick. Best looking 7flip ever

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! haha good job man, that was smooth :slight_smile:

thank you guys :slight_smile:
here is a vimeo link

WOW that was nice. love the extra hand grab for more speed and style :slight_smile:

cool that someone noticed how i grap the seat all the flip long :smiley:

When I was trying them, I was doing it the same way :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t throw it or it goes out of control :roll_eyes:

Im not even entirely sure wht that trick consists of…wow