Seeking used 29er, and several unis for sale

Hi Folks!
Long time. All is well. Almost out of my cast and ready to start riding again.

I’m in central Pennsylvania and I’m tradin’ up some unis and some parts


I am looking for a decent used 29er.

For sale, make an offer:
frame, seat and post, like new from a torker DX. Black.

Black Sun 24. lightly used.

20" udc ultimate wheel

16" torker used. Black and yellow with flame graphics (great for kids to learn)

5 foot tall, 20" torker Girraffe… light use.

unused 20" whitish-gray Kenda freestyle tire

the sun

How much for the sun. I want to rut a horse on it.

I’ve seen a lot of things, but never someone rutting a horse while they ride a unicycle. Maybe that’s level 12.

I strongly suggest you try a stronger unicycle than the SUN.

Hello Podzol, Glad to see you back! Glad your still into unicycles.

Sorry hear about your cast, did I miss that thread… What happened?

Hi Ken,
All on the head of my right big toe metatarsal, I had a ill-healed crush injury to the bone, a bone spur, and a bunion. They fixed all of it.

crutches for 6 weeks cast for 8. I’ll be done June 7th.

Other than that life is good. :slight_smile:
Take care,

Wow, that is a lot for one toe. Good that it’s been all fixed, that soon you’ll be free of that cast, and riding again.

giraffe unicycle

hello i am interested in the giraffe unicycle email me at

check your PMs

how much for the ultimate wheel?

What size is the dx frame? 20" or 24"? Which year model is it? How much?


I’ve got a used 29er for sale, in good shape…I’ll send you a PM.


How much for the 16 inch?

$40+ shipping.
They are $79 new at udc.


I’m sorry, I was mistaken. It’s a 2006 20" LX, not DX…


which items are still for sale?

so far, everything. The DX frame is a LX 20" frame, I was mistaken.


Just sold the Sun to a non-rider. Maybe there’ll be one more unicyclist soon!:smiley: