Seeking Tour DuPont Participants

Hi all,

I saw the following post on the newsgroup, and thought
somebody might be interested (anybody live near Blacksburg?) FYI, the Tour
DuPont is the biggest stage race (multiple day race like the Tour de France) in
America – meaning plenty of spectators and media coverage. I’d be interested to
know if anybody ends up participating!


From: (Andy Roberts) Newsgroups:
Subject: Seeking Tour DuPont Participants Date: 4 Apr 1995 18:54:27 GMT
Organization: Virginia Tech Reply-To:

Now that I have your attention: A buddy of mine who runs the local shop and is
instrumental in Tour DuPont activities has asked me to post a note looking for a
unicyclist who will be in Blacksburg on April 30 for the stage that ends there.
The town usually does some festival-like things, and he tries to get interesting
cycling-associated stuff into a high profile mode. Basically, just someone to
work the crowd. If you have a unicycle and will be in Blacksburg and will be
willing to show off a bit, e-mail me back. Or, if anyone has equally good
crowd-pleaser ideas, call about that, too.

You also could call Mike Matzuk at 703-774-7933.


Andy Roberts 703-231-4615

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