Seeking Schlumpf Hub /// Tips for fixing my current one?

Seeking a Schlumpf hub due to the post below. Working with a short timeline.

This is a post about SLIPPAGE! I have a last-gen hub #829 and experienced the intermittent slippage / freewheeling problem today during a ride. I rode an additional 20+ miles in 1:1 and had no problems, as I got advice that that I’d be fine to get home on my own. I had ridden over 10 miles straight in gear immediately before this happened with no issues … downshifted for navigating an intersection, upshifted again, and boom, slippage.

I’m training for a seven day, 454 mile ride that starts in less than four weeks. Transportation paid for, vacation booked, etc. (Any other RAGBRAI riders here?) and therefore I don’t have a lot of time to figure this out as I need the geared mechanism to complete the longer days.

I have checked everything … the bearing caps are the correct torque, the cranks have the correct torque, I checked with and without the shifting buttons, added the exactly specificed grease that Muniorbust sells off this page. I’ve been adding grease every 6 months since I have owned this. The slippage occurred in the first nine ‘in gear’ checks I did, so I didn’t bother to complete all 24 checks.


  1. For those that sent the hub to Switzerland for this issue, how long did it take to receive it back?

  2. Has anyone had success contacting Schlumpf lately? I heard that it is difficult to get in touch.

  3. Is there anything I didn’t do or that you’d recommend? Alternatively, how did you ‘know’ that it was time to send it back? Just that you’d tried everything?

  4. Does anyone have a KH36 with a hub that I could borrow for this 454 mile ride? I planned on focusing on other styles after the long ride, so I could deal with a long turn around as soon as August 1st rolls around.

  5. Does anyone have a hub FOR SALE?? I’m in the Chicago area and would literally come pick it up if it were in the midwest, east coast, or plains states.

Not an expert on this, but I do own a Schlumpf, and I did have to send one back for repairs. Turnaround time is not fast, to put it lightly. In my case, the old hub was not repaired. I got one of the next batch, which meant I waited until the next batch was manufactured. This was several months. I’m not sure if they are still making them at this point… :open_mouth:

Sounds like this is not your issue, but are you sure your “torque” bearing isn’t just slipping inside the bearing holders? If that’s not the case, we’ll have to wait for someone with more expertise to chime in. Hopefully your hub can be fixed without a trip to Switzerland. Otherwise you might want to consider some 125s for RAGBRAI…

Adding to @johnfoss’s comment: Made sure there’s no grease between the “torque bearing” and the bearing cap? Tried a torque slightly higher than recommended on those bearing cap screws?

By the way, is there technically more accurate term for what we just called the Schlumpf hub’s “torque bearing”?

I think @jaco_flans can service Schlumpf hubs in canada.

It sounds like the bearing is slipping in the frame bearing holders. In that case there would be no need to send the hub out for repair. Just have to deal with the bearing slippage issue.
Check out the Schlumpf Hub thread for some ideas. One discussion on a bearing slippage problem started at post 149 of 2405.
Thread at: Schlumpf hubs: general discussion.

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I have tried all of the recommendations here. Thank you to everyone for the information, it was EXTREMELY helpful. @JimT 's thread was very helpful.

UNFORTUNATELY the issue is still happening after all of the troubleshooting tips. I have been in contact with Florian and will try to get it repaired via warranty.

DIAGNOSIS: Heard back this morning from Florian that my planet carrier had a crack and needed to be replaced. Otherwise the hub was in good condition and is on its way back to me.



Hub arrived back to me on Friday, 16 days after it broke. The shop just relaced the wheel, which took them four days (other repairs and stuff). Should be riding later tonight!


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