Seeking San Francisco MUni/Uni's

San Francisco, CA. – Looking for riders and enthusiasts to launch a riding group and club. SF has perfect terrain for any type of riding, but not many riders. Who do you know? Send him/her this way!! I need riding partners and am serious about organizing a club or group offering weekly rides, lessons, whatever it takes to build a community around UNICYCLING! PLEASE HELP–RESPOND WITH YOUR COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS. Thx!

…just accross the bridge

In Oakland. I’d be up for some rides.

Re: …just accross the bridge

Cool. It’s a great start. How do we contact?

mscalisi, bridges-what bridges?

email me thanks

You might want to contact Gerblefranklin or Tom Holub whether they are still meeting for Wednesday night Basket Ball in Berkeley . It would be an easy BART ride to get out there.

There’s quite a few riders in the greater SF Bay area. Check out A Coker Weekend.

Re: Seeking San Francisco MUni/Uni’s

What kind of riding?? Uroboros (Mike) and I ride trials in justin herman plaza on thursday nights at 7 with some bike trials guys (I haven’t been lately cuz I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, and have had to stay away from heavy trials for a few weeks, but I’ll be back jumpin in a few days). I also do unicycle basketbell in Oakland at 6:30 in strawberry creek park. We get about 10-15 riders, although lately it’s been closer to 8.

What part of town are you in, and more importantly, what kind of riding and where do you want to do it? I ride to and from school down dolores street, and now I do box trials in front of my house (Bernal heights). I also occasionaly do muni on Bernal hill, and I used to do trials at the park behind the BH branch library. I’d be down with some trials in the embarcaderro, or freestyle on some basketball courts. We really don’t have any good muni spots, unless you want to do some short rides on Twin Peaks or Bernal hill. I also know of a rider in bayview and another serious one in BH.
I haven’t gone a day without riding for the last 2 months, so I’m plenty serious about a club, but first we need to get some riding straight. What level rider are you (how many years?)? I can onefoot and wheelwalk, and glide and all that, so I’d also be fine to do some coaching (or hopefully get coached). To find good spots, we need to get the general jist of what people find difficult, so we don’t go somehwere like with a bunch of really good riders, and only find some curbs. BTW, sf doesn’t really have that great a terrain I’ve found:( . Only 2 good trials spots, and almost no muni places.

E-mail me at

P.S. If it makes a difference, I’d rather do trials than freestyle, just because trials is more fun:p .