Seeking Info on the United 24" Off Road Uni

I’m 14 and 5’ 6" tall and have been unicycling for about two years. I’ve been
using a 20" uni and am looking to upgrade to something better suited to MUni.
The United 24" Off Road uni (
from unicyclesource looks good to me, but I havn’t been able to find anything
about it anywhere else. does anyone here own this uni and could tell me what
their experience with it has been like? I’ve heard that the United frame is very
strong but i dont know if any of the other parts are any good. My other question
is about wheel size. I’ve heard that a 26" wheel is better for MUni, but I also
want something I can use for freestyle unicycling should my 20 " uni (which is
sorta beat up by now) ever break. One constraint here is price, anything very
much above $200 will be pushing it.

anyone have some advice for me?


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