Seeking advice on stand up ww

A few weeks ago I decided that stand-up wheel walking might be within my reach. As it turns out I was right! Today I travelled over 10 feet with reasonable control up to the point I fell. I know 10 feet doesn’t seem like much but for stand up ww it’s was a real accomplishment for me.

I’m wondering if anyone has advice on technique. I find that it is similar to regular one-foot ww in that there are little bits of gliding involved but because my leg is already mostly extended I don’t have the same degree of control as when I’m seated.

Also, I’ve been starting from a stopped position. I hang onto a wall/railing/truck to get up onto the crown of the frame. Obviously I will eventually want to get into position from a riding position. Any advice on the transition? Should I be moving forward (and continue forward) when I “jump” to the crown? Or, is it better to do a sort of still stand to get into position?

The uni I’ve been practicing on is the Summit 20" trials. This uni is not known for it’s freestyle capabilities but it seems adequate for the task. I especially appreciate the wide flat crown. I find that my stationary foot is developing blisters in the arch from practicing. Should I expect significantly different performance from a 20" freestyle uni?

My eventual goal with this skill is to do it atop a 3 wheel stack of 20" wheels. That will put my feet at just over 5 feet above ground and my head way up above at over 12 feet.

wow, your almost seven feet tall?

But really, there are three common transitions into stand up ww, my method is to one foot idle with your other foot already in position, and quickly stand up. way two, 1fww normally, and stand up squeezing the seat with your legs. and method three, just jump straight up, either from riding or hopping, but standing on the pedals just jump onto the fork crown.

your foot will stop hurting (as much,) with more practice, that’s really the only thing that can help.

The fork crown Clarence and tire-foot grip will be the difference between a freestyle uni and your current ride. if it’s working for you, I would stick with it. cant remember how to spell his name from Puerto rico, dang, anyway he’s very good at stand up, and stand up gliding on a semcycle xlw 20" and a mod tire.

Keep trying, that’s the most important thing!

One cheap practice prop is a super long seatpost.

You can then sit down on the seat with your legs extended and get used to the limited freedom of movement on your foot.

(it’s also makes an interesting challenge to freemount it).

Leo White

Right after I posted I realized I’m not quite as tall as I suggested. I wondered who would be the first to point that out. I guess Harper is not around?

Thanks for the advice Max. I think your final statement is the most valid. The more I practice the better I get. Unfortunately the blister in the arch of my left foot is going to prevent me from any practice today.

i can get up there but i cant get the wheel to move,the Marsh sisters site says to keep the heel of your pushing foot on the crown and push the wheel like your pidgeon toed,this doesnt work for me though.

most commonly the pushing foot goes around the side of the crown, and kinda pushes sideways. but it doesnt really work if it’s resting of the crown.