Seeking 36" Unicycle!

Hey guys, I just started unicycling at the beginning of this academic year at my school’s Unicycle Club. I am now the president of the club and ride to class daily on my 24" I bought off a member of the club. However, I am ready to upgrade to the big wheel. I am a college student and thus need to find a good deal. I am seeking a dependable 36" unicycle with 125mm cranks, a light frame and a road tire. A handlebar would be preferable but is not necessary. I need your guys help to get me practicing for Nationals! Thanks!

p.s. Sorry if you saw the last post wasn’t marked as wanted, this is my first forum. xD

Treo băng rôn Tại TP HCM
Treo băng rôn Tại TP HCM
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Treo băng rôn Tại TP HCM
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I can talk with you about a lower price on this.

36" offer

Wow, that is a very nice Unicycle. However, I may be short-changing you with the price range I am looking for. A new, basic 36" from coker is $440ish and I am looking for something under that… Unless we could workout a deal with just the seat, post, frame, 125 mm or 127 mm cranks and 36" wheel with tube it might be better for you to find someone else. Thanks for the offer though. :slight_smile:

Have you found one yet? I am selling my Coker Big One as my wife is buying me a new er for my BDay.
It is in excellent shape, Upgrade include:
Nightrider tire
Brycer Frakenbrake(Magura hydraulic)
114, 125 and 150 cranks.
I’m looking to get about $400 for everything. It’d be almost $700 new.
I’ll post pix this week end.

Hmmm, I am interested. However I do not need a brake. Any chance you would be will to sell it without it for less?

I’d knock $50 off for the brake.

Alright, I have an offer I am working out with a guy in Minnesota but if that fall through I will contact you back.

Just purchased one, thank you for the offer though. :slight_smile: