See My BC.


Alex DX24 24" rim
Oddesy Hazzard Hub
Dyno Fireball 3.0 Tire
Bedford Unicycles Pro BC wheel plates


That thing looks heavy. How’s it ride?

It hurts your legs because the tire is so wide so when i rode it I had red marks where the wheel kept rubbing me.

Evan is going to give me his long plates…:smiley:

Easy as hell to ride, great for off road, going down curbs is like nothing.

It’d be fun to have an offroad BC, you could go to Motocross trails and ride the berms, and ramps and such, maybe I should give the 24 idea a try…

My only question is… how much did it cost you? It seems a bit overkill to have an Alex DX on there, but what’d the entire thing cost, exactly?

It cost alot, Im too lazt to add it all up, the reason for the alex is so it can take the dyno fireball.

thats a spifey(sp) setup i wish i had a bc

how much where the plates

It cost 441.00

I wish I was rich.

thats more than my uni

I wish I was spoiled to no end…

450 bucks for a BC? Ouch.
I’ll make myself one without all the brand-name nonsense for a few hundred less, and I’m sure it’ll work just as good or better…

How many BC’s do you have? 5-6?

Which one/combination do you think is the best?

nice looking BC…your thread title looks very familar

i like my lil bedford better for hopping but the long plates and big wheel make for the ultimate droping machine.

i demand video! :wink:

that’s a sweet lookin machine man!

That’s a far cry from the wheel barrow wheels with a threaded rod that you were trying to sell last year.

441 is a lot, but that is a pretty high tec looking BC. I wanna see how fast you can go down a hill on that. But its nice…wish i had enough money to get one of those. But if I had the money i would just save up another 25 bucks to get a KH '05 or something.