Sedona Muni riding with Cody, Noli, Tomas, and more!

Hay guys thought I would share a new muni vid, proof I am still active on the one wheel =p. Noli came to visit from Seattle, so we gathers our elite forces and went for a great double trail ride on Sunday. Here is the footage =)

Great video! Great riding!!

Really freaks me out that that guy doesn’t wear a helmet.

Dayum! So much rocky goodness I gotta go there!!! :smiley:

Very nice!

Well, it does look like an especially sturdy baseball cap…

Very nice riding, by the way!

Helmets get in the way :wink:

That was an awesome video! Really enjoyed watching that!

Nice work guys! makes me want to get out on the Muni! Good stuff.

Awesome vid :smiley:

I notice you are wearing pads. Are you tired of hospital visits :stuck_out_tongue: or is it because of the cacti.

Also what brand/model are they? What do you like most/least about them?

Love the blue hair :sunglasses: