Secret to keeping a clean white Try-All tire?

Hello all,

So today my white Try-All tire arrived, and after a day of riding, it’s quite dirty :wink: But, I was just riding on ashphalt, concrete, gravel and dry grass. And seeing pictures and videos of people’s white Try-All’s, they look very clean.

So I’m wondering if there is anyway to keep it cleaner? Maybe once it’s worn down a little, does it start to stay cleaner?

Any suggestions, tips, or advice. I don’t really need to know how to keep it clean, I’m pretty much just wondering: once it’s worn down, does it not get as dirty?



I know don’t ride it ever! Just stare and admire its beauty from afar!

mine goes from white to brown every couple days, just ride and it’ll be pretty again. :smiley:

Mine is generally pretty dirty but I recently went on vacation and the only place to ride was a slab of white concrete. Riding on that cleaned up my tire loads, but now that I’m home again its gone back to a greyish color. :sunglasses:

Hose it down with lots and lots water?

a good dose of HCl should fix it right up :smiley: . . . now is that the tire or the rim gleaming?