Secret to a good muni video.

Thats a trials uni right?

Try a well greased tripod for some shots. Don’t be afraid to climb the occaisonal tree if nessacary and full body shots are good on anything big or including rolling hops.


yeah it’s an Onza, although my skills certainly don’t demand it (but maybe my weight does).

Actually on that particular day i wore a grey shirt purely for your benefit. I’ve taken to wearing my white UDC shirt for riding.

Securely strap/tape your camera to your uni frame, where the tube meets the crown, or to you sea, and that makes a cheap, make-shift glidecam.

their are no secrets to a good Muni video except to be really good and haul butt down the hill. KH is the only person I have seen make a good Muni vid and that is because the stuff he does is really impressive to begin with.
Muni is hard to get across how hard some of the stuff is.

For filming steep descents, sometimes it’s better to keep the camera at the same incline the whole time rather than following the rider down. That way you can really see the difference in movement between the wheel and terrain instead of those all-too-common (and, yes, sometimes great) shots where the wheel is centred the whole time. I guess what I’m saying is use the entire frame of your shot.

Another thing that’s kind of intinctive in most cases, is to make sure you can see more of where the rider is going and less of where they’ve come from.


For the North Shore bike videos will string a steel cable between two trees. Add a pulley, a person in a harness to hang from that pulley, an additional person on the ground to control the rope that pulls the cameraman, and there’s your glide cam for a tech section out in the North Shore forest.

That’s a lot of work for a shot in addition to the multiple takes that will be necessary.

I would say that you take music that everybody likes … not too hard and not too soft. It’s always cool if at the end you put your bails so everybody can see that its not so easy to do what you can do!:smiley:

not to self :wink:

I’ve dove that before! I aimed the camera to veiw the tire and the ground infront, it was a cool veiw, untill I went down some stairs and the cameRA fell off:p

that $14 steady cam looks cool I might make one.

for steep stuff, having the camera on a hill with a different pitch, or at the top looking down can help show the technicality (is this a word? is it used right?) or the steepness of the slope

Ride fast and aggresivly, more then you usually do. Espescially on sections that aren’t as difficult, ride hard and get air on small drops/obstacles, stuff like that.

The difference between a muni and a trials or street video is that the muni video should tell more of a story. Trials and street videos are just short scenes strung together to show the moves. There is rarely any attempt to tell a story. After watching a trials or street video I don’t get a feeling of having been there or experienced the location or the ride.

A good muni video (or MTB trail video) will show the ride as a story with a beginning a middle and an end. After watching the video you should be able to get a feeling of what it would be like to ride there and what the terrain and surroundings are like. Show the trail as what it would be like to ride from beginning to end and not just a bunch of clips that only show the tech sections in a random order.

Yeah a story can make a good vid into a great vid. Best street vid I’ve seen did this. I think it was called “4 am forever”.

Lots of good tips so far.
The most important I think are:
-Good image quality.
-No shaking camera.
-Make liberal use of a tripod.
-Low camera angles include the whole rider.
-Do your best to show the max of your riding ability throughout the whole movie (a Muni newbee could even make a really good movie)
-Multiple angles (if you don’t have mult. cameras, just run the line again).
-Good music (like Uni-D3 said)
-UPD’s on doing hard stuff and easy stuff, like when you are tired.

-On steep sections should be filmed from the side and keep the camera horizontal as you pan from L to R or R to L (akin to what Andrew said).
-Not too long, keep your first vid under 2 min or so.

The differenece between kid stuff and professional stuff in any video format is one basic thing: people talk in the pro format. The music video stuff, commonly called “adventure porn” is merely images montaged together. Basically a silent movie with an MTV soundtrack. Like John said, a story is a totally different deal–and much more work to produce.