Secret to a good muni video.

Hey everybody, I’m hoping to make an all muni video soon and I was wondering if there were any secrets to showing the technicality of a trail or other things you guys would suggest that would make a muni video more interesting to watch. all feedback would really be appreciated, thanks guys.

low camera angles. and switching the camera’s view of the rider. like go from left to right and such.

If you get the UNI magazine, Brian Mackenzie wrote a really great article on filming tecqnuiques (sp).

the best muni video i’ve ever seen

make it like this and it willl be GOOD

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Low following camera, from behind is usualy pretty good. Very fast, no stopping if possible. It should be done almost like street where flow is very important and prehops are deathly. Drops should be captured from the bottom of the drop though. Multiple angles always help too.

Oh and most important is no shaky camera. This is very very important.

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That has to be one of the very best uni videos i have ever seen, and the first shto was hilarious.

Part of the reason the filming on that video was SOOOOO good is that it was filmed with a glide camera.

Low angle shots, but still have the riders head in the shot.

Low angles, make sure it is good quality video

iF you don’t have £25000 for a glide cam mabey you could try making one? :sunglasses:
Just do lots of “smart” shots :wink:

what’s a glide cam?

PS you have to be good at muni, too. Don’t forget that. And don’t use any material that you feel you have to apologize for.

Look here for the famous $14 steady cam. Loose made one along similar lines and it does genuinely work, we tried it out with me running down the side of a BMX track while he rode, this simple apparatus did take a lot of the jerky running action out of the shot.

Ths site tells you how to make the device with $14 worth of parts, or if you’re not handy you can pay $40 to have a pre-built one delivered to you.

Nice the total bill for me would be around £330 :frowning:

What is that to buy a pre-built one and have it shipped to the UK or something? Can you not get access anywhere to a power drill, it’s about the only tool you need to stick this thing together yourself for peanuts. I believe Loose made his from stuff knocking around the garage, didn’t cost him a penny.

And anyway, you’re not the one who was asking how to make a good muni movie.

lol what I ment was I would need to get a camera to go on it!
Its somthing to think about for when I get good enough to make a muni movie :wink:

ah right, fair enough!

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Who were you on the london uni meet?

The one who barely did any riding. But seriously, im the guy in the middle of this photo holding my uni in the air.