Secret Talents of the Stars

Danny Bonaduce on a unicycle…
ShielaE juggling with Karamatzov’s…



I’ve never heard of either of those stars…

You’d never heard of Pulp Fiction before I told you about it.

Generation gap!

Danny is the Partrich who is out of his tree.

Rod Stewart is huge into model railroading and his model of an older Grand Central Station was featured in Model Railroader. Rodger Daltrey has a fish farm and raises rainbow trout. And that guy that’s the new Dr. Who juggles and used to stick ferrets down his pants.

The Partridge Family

Danny played “Danny” on the TV teen show “The Partridge Family” back in the early '70s. I was a HUGE fan of the show, but everyone was back then. He is now a radio DJ in LA, I think. Tends to get himself in trouble a lot.

SheilaE is/was a pop singer.

I’d really like to see Susan Day on a unicycle, or anything else for that matter.:smiley:

I read once that if you can find out what famous people like to do other than be famous they love to chat with you at parties, if you are fortunate enough to attend the same parties. I guess OJ Simpson collects lamps, go figure.