Second unicycle

I bought my first unicycle, a cheap 20" Avenir, about a month ago. In the month I’ve owned it, I’ve become semi comfortable riding it around. I can ride it for about a half mile in one go on straight, flat land, and I can pull off a static mount about half the time. But I can almost walk as quickly as I can ride it!

I’m ready to get a bigger unicycle so I can go longer distances faster. My primary interest is riding on paved bike paths at this point. Sight unseen, I’m considering both the Torker LX-26 and the Nimbus 29" Touring Unicycle. I’m on the short side, and I think going to a 36" wheel would be somewhat terrifying. Would the 29er be a reasonable bump, or should I go for the 26 as my next unicycle? Any thoughts on these specific models, or others I should consider? Also, any specific seat recommendations?

I’m still learning, so whichever unicycle I choose will have to be ok with getting slammed into the ground frequently.

I started out on the same unicycle about 6 months ago. I too wanted a bigger unicycle because of how slow it was. I bought the nimbus 29 in and really enjoy it. Even though it has a street tire I still go off road with it. I also bought pads for protection and have not regretted that. My longest ride has been 10 miles. I just learned free mounting. All the skateboarders in my town just love watching me go by.

I have the Nimbus and it is a lot of fun. I used it off-road quite a bit before I bought a KH. If you keep riding you’ll likely end up with a bunch of unicycles. Have fun.

I’ve got a Nimbus 29 as well. It works for a lot of different riding. I started out on paved roads and then converted it to a muni. I’ve been really happy with it in both roles. I think it’s a good mix of speed and agility.

If you learn slowly like me, it’ll take a while to get used to it, especially since you’re pretty new to unicycling in general. It’s worth the time spent. The bigger, heavier wheel makes your muscles stronger. You’ll be steadier on the 20 after learning the 29.

Make sure you have some pads and a helmet – whatever makes you feel confident. Confidence helps you free mount better.

Welcome. Go with the 29’er. Based on your desire to ride bike paths & your acclaimed shorter stature this unit should work for you.

As a shorter person who owns a 36" I personally find it to be quite intimidating to ride, especially on shared pathways.

Im a n00b too and I love my 29er. It is the most ridden Uni in the bunch.

I ended up getting the Nimbus Nomad with the stout tire and found it was hard to maneuver. I was told to try a Raptor Nano tire and I LOVE it. light, fast and I can go on dirt.

I’m with Arron, pad up till your comfy with the height :astonished: and before long it wont bother you at all. :sunglasses:

Wow, thanks all! It sounds like the 29" Nimbus is the clear choice here. I don’t have any protective gear other than a helmet. What else do I need? Shin guards?