second unicycle ... which one

i have been learning for about 2 months now and i am looking in to getting a new uni what should i get

DM vortex

What do you have at the moment? i got the numbus trials but that was because i was interested om doing such riding. It would depend on what area you wanted to branch out into. Unless of course your original at the moment is about nearly had it. i rode mine untill it fell apart.
hereis were most people will direct you. pick your favourite.

id get the new kh 2007 or a… never mind that is what i would get if i didnt have an awsome custom.

unistar torker cx

i have a cx torker and i have been riding for about 3months
i was thinking about the nimbus trials

How much do you have to spend? Have you looked at the Nimbus Hoppley or the Torker DX? Those are the two I am looking at at the moment.


500 max

this will be back in stock really soon:

or: -you would have to pay shipping from the states on this one.

If you wanna get into street and trials then definately get a splined hub.

500 what, probably not usd other wise id definitally get a kh

i am assuming australian dollars cos he is an aussie.

they still sell them at juggleart in melbourne.

what are they? $2000?

$1250. its not actually the vortex but another splined dm muni.


nah its really heavy and if you break anything it will be virtually impossible to source replacement parts. kh is lighter, cheaper and probably stronger too.

id still seep with it