Second Unicycle required, but what type?

I started unicycling about 6 months ago on a 20" Nimbus II, and I am currently at about skill level 3.

I can jump up and down your average street kerb, do rolling hops over small logs and am happy tackling fairly steep woodland slopes.

I want to start improving my off-road/trials riding and not sure what would be the best unicycle to buy. Initially I was going to buy a 26" Muni but notice that a 24" wheel seems popular with many riders.

What would you recommend as the ideal configuration, wheel size, crank length, tyre choice… for someone with my experience who want to do a combination of urban and off-road trials?

If you get a 24" with a 3" tyre (eg contra or Gazz) you’ve effectively got a 26" diameter wheel, with the advantage of a stronger (cos smaller) rim and the extra big tyre which makes drops/obstacles easier to negotiate.

For crank length I like 150 mm cos they’re a nice compromise between control and speed, others use 170 mm.

The Nimbus 24x3 is an excellent budget muni (it’s what I use)- if you’re going to be doing big drops then you’ll have to think about something splined.

24" by 3 all the way great for trials and muni better for muni but people do, trials on a 24"

Either a Coker or a 26 inch Muni, depending on whether you will be able to ride trails or relatively safe distance routes. You might consider a 29er if you are restricted to sidewalks. Don’t even bother with the 24. (boy, am I gonna catch it for that opinion!)
How old are you, how tall are you, and how much do you weigh? What’s your budget? Enquiring minds want to know.

carjug, who has a Coker and a 29er. The 24 inch Schwinn is on loan at the present.

This came up before. Has anyone else actually measured their 24X3 tire diameter. I have the Nimbus Muni 24X3. When I measure the diameter of the tire, I get 24 inches. So how can that effectively be a 26" diameter wheel?

On a coker you won’t be able to do anything technical, and it’ll be hard on a 26 inch muni to do rooty/rocky segments and trials-jumping. a 24 inch muni with gazzaloddi tire is effectively a 26 and won’t be a major crutch for hopping. get the KH or the Yuni profile hub. if you get something cheap it’ll break (multiple times) and the cost of fixing will be way more than the cost of getting a good uni in the first place

Mines 25" (Halo Contra tyre).

Have you also measured a typical 26" mountain bike tyre, cos it’s not necessarily going to be 26" in diameter.

24x3 Gazz with either 150’s or 170’s. 150’s if your in it for speed and do mostly downhill- also if you intend to get a brake. 170’s are a good allround and give you extra tourque up and downhill.
I have 170’s and prefer to battle it out on a steep slope than get off and walk it up. My 2 cents,

If you’re in it for the long haul, either the KH 24 muni, or this beautiful creature:

KH: cheaper, and any color you want as long as it’s black.

Hunter: Just look at that sweet red thing… There simply are not enough of them on the planet.

please feel free to beat me with a stick or kick me off this forum after I say this. THE BEAUTIFUL HUNTER GIVES ME A TINGLY SENSATION IN MY HEART! OOH HOW I LONG TO CARESS THOSE LOVELY CURVES! actually thats a bit of an exaderation, but still, its pretty awesome.

If you want to ride offroad and are interested in trials, the thing to get is a 24" with a 3" tyre of some kind. Then you can do a bit of both. A 26" muni is nice for muni, because you can do good long rides with less effort, but isn’t much good for doing trials.

Incidentally, the 26 = 24x3 thing is rubbish, a 24x3 is acutally quite a bit smaller than the tyres most 26" muni riders use (the gazz 2.6" is a over 27").


Thanks for all the advice. I have been eyeing up the Kris Holm 24" Mountain Unicycle for some time, but not sure if it was the best option. The Hunter looks nice but a bit too expensive, also not available through the UK.