Second thoughts about oregon 29+

I acquired the Oregon several weeks ago and had good times with it then, but mostly on relatively benign trails. A short time later, I received a hans dampf tire to put on my KH 29er and played with that for a while - I was surprised at how nimble the KH was and the things I was able to do it, almost on par with my oracle 24.

I have been municycling an awful lot this summer, which resulted in my technical skills significantly improving, so much so that lately I’ve been returning to a trail system that I had left alone for a while due to the difficulty levels encountered there. I am now rediscovering this trail system and having an absolute blast riding it with the 24 muni, primarily due to the same difficulties that had kept me away from it in earlier times.

Last night I decided to take the oregon out in the same trails and actually had a pretty crappy time to be honest. The trail has a lot of very steep climbs / descents with uneven terrain with lots of roots, foot bridges to jump over, etc. I found myself UPDing quite a lot, the amount of effort required to keep going was significant, and for the first time, I found that the unicycle felt horrible when riding it on banked section of the trail.

I am going to ride the same trail with my KH29 for comparison. I already have the feeling that things are going to be 100% better though.

I am now thinking that maybe the oregon 29+ is better suited to cross country trails. The muni is great at rolling over stuff, but I feel that it is out of place in more challenging environments.

Any thoughts?


It seems for most trails, in most ‘normal’ conditions a regular 29er is the machine to have (choosing between regular 29er and Oregon). Obviously there are certain situations where an Oregon would prevail, but those are not the norm.

They look really cool though, that alone was almost enough to push me into getting one. I keep having to remind myself that one reason I like this sport so much is it’s simplicity… sorry Oregon you are too complicated for me.:frowning:

I’d want one, but I would probably have a second wheelbuild in a smaller tire as well.

The Knard is really tall, 30.5", so it takes more effort to get it rolling, add to that the wider Oregon hub and weight, the significant rotating mass of the Knard, and it ends up being a lot more work to ride than a typical 29er.

I found that it dropped my skill level to ride the knard on tech terrain, so even though it can be a lot of fun and bridges terrain well, it was too much tire on the ups and downs, so really not what I needed for XC.

I’ve swung back the other way, smaller tires, a lightweight 29 x 2.1 Racing Ralph for XC and a burlier 27" (650b) Hans Dampf Super Gravity for muni, then my fav big wheel is a lightweight 32" x 2.1 Maxxis Advantage.

The problem you have with the Knard is kinda how I feel now about my 36er, even with the Todd it has quite a lot of rotational mass, so I work harder to ride it in contrast to the lighter weight 32".

I’m building a lightweight tire for my 36er.