second Languages

just in case you wondered if anyone really reads the UNICON 11 or NAUCC
registration forms,
Harper’s second language is listed as pig latin.

Barb K.

what an appropriate nick!!

nice nails darling!
can u draw them in?

not nails i think mr. dave, just a barbed comment.

nope doesn’t hurt at all to inflict pain, i mean puns.

and mr harper being the ‘super -geek’ that he is, is certainly fluent in pig latin, why i bet he even pronounces veni,vini, vici, with the correct ‘w’ sound!

who says latin is a dead language? they are slaughtering it every day in france. :slight_smile:

Dang…busted with the pig latin prank. I thought that would slip by Barb. Oh well, Barb, I’m available to translate.

And it’s veni, VIDI, vici, (I came, I SAW, I conquered) not veni, VINI, vici (I came, I got fall down drunk, I conquered). And yes, with the dubya.

angDay…ustedbay ithway ethay igpay atinlay ankpray.

On the fly, Barb. I’m fluent…I’m good.

Originally posted by harper
>veni, VINI, vici (I came, I got fall down drunk, I conquered).

Surely it’s Veni, Vini, Vomitas.

And to all those who would say otherwise just remember the age old saying - Fabricat Diem Punc.

Yes, it must indeed be. One would drive the porcelain bus after this.

Fabricati, my dear Callahan. Check-(ah) with Rebecca.

Re: second Languages

I meant no ill will toward Harper by informing everyone he is fluent in pig
latin. You never know when you may need a translator. I know I can call on him
during NAUCC and UNICON 11 if we need his translating services.
Barb K.

i belive you ms. barb…no offense taken!

see ! told ya, fluenti he is!

i also like veni, vidi, velico, as in ‘your mother smells of elderberries!’ :slight_smile:

Re: i belive you ms. barb…no offense taken!

Eloquent. Virgil is stirred by envy in his grave.

virgil is the man

naw, you are just teasing me…

head down running my toes back & forth in the dust on the ground in front of me

hey! how did i err?! there is an swarmy smiley thingy in my post…ewww. my apologies mr. harper. i prefer my emotions to be displayed in b & w. :]