Second issue of Uni Magazine is in the post!


Mine arrived today, a fun read as ever. Lots of content to browse through! I’m already looking forward to the next one though.

The buff is nice, as is the calendar!

Got this in the post today and am very pleased indeed.

Flicking through, the first thing that really struck me was the quality of the photos, both in the mag and in the calendar.

I felt that any if non-unicyclists who happened to flick through a copy, any pre-conceptions they happened to have would be severely challenged!

The photos really do convey what, for most of us, unicycling is really about, with action shots showing the sporting aspects and decent coverage of the distance/riding element.

In particular, the photo of a 100m race start is extraordinary, capturing the exact moment when the participants are stationary, but leaning forward at quite an extreme angle just as the race starts- it’s the kind of photo that could easily win any photo competition regardless of its specialised/minority nature, purely because it captures a moment perfectly.

The Buff (headgear) was initially a bit wierd and I had it down as something practical but not likely to be worn- 2 hours later and I realise I was wrong, it’s not been off my head and I’m looking forward to wearing it at this afternoons local poi/juggling park meet

I like the little extras as well- like the in-depth ‘bananna case’ review, not just amusing but very practical as well, since every bananna that I take out in my rucksack ends up in a very sorry state.

Congratualtions Cathy Wood on your street riding article- a good read (as someone who primarily rides streets/roads and has to deal with the issues you mention I would say that, where small, randomly moving children are concerned, if in any doubt whatsoever, always err on the side of caution and dismount; similarly with infirm elderly, where, even if you know you’re 100% safe, sometimes I feel a halt or dismount is appropriate purely to ensure they don’t feel fearful).

I’ve also had a thought about the ‘alerting’ thing, as I’ve also found bike bells to be impractical- how about a ‘dog training clicker’? I’ve not got round to using one yet, but it would seem practical as they’re easy to carry in the hand/secure round wrist and, additionally, I feel that people would just hear a random click, not really knowing what it was and, when they look around, they won’t associate it with being told to shift, like some may with a bike bell?

Anyway, back to the mag- I put in a 6 month subscription and, to be honest, wasn’t 100% sure it would be good value- I’m really glad i did though and am highly impressed with the quality of this magazine; the calendar and buff are equally good.

I’d recommend any unicyclist to start getting the mag and would like to thank the people who put it together- great job!

Yes and no… it was due with us on Tuesday but due to the Carrier and the Printer messing about they will not be with us until this Monday. We will t hen get it up on the site so you can order individual copies or get subscriptions 2 to 7.

We will also be keeping the Issue 1 on sale. It is hoped that while stocks last we will be able to sell the back issues.


Wow, this was posted 20 minutes ago, but I have a very strong recollection of reading it yesterday. What’s going on?

Thanks onewheeldave. I was thinking to day that riding along where there are lots of people - you have to plan your line through the people, but unlike ‘lines’ that consist of stones, steps and so on, these lines are totally unpredicatable and constantly changing. Keeps you on your toes.

(By the way onewheeldave, congrats on getting into the most recent COL - again.:smiley: )

Probably because onewheeldave started another thread, Review of second issue of uni mag (and calendar/buff)

Mine came yesterday and I’ve only read a couple of articles as yet but it’s very good, again. I particularly like the job done with the night photos in the Three Peaks article (so I may be a little biased on that, but I am very impressed).

Oh and a great calendar and Buff as well :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion- I did indeed post it in a seperate thread, but it sank. As I’d written a fair bit I did what i should have done in the first place and posted it in this thread.

Damn, I thought I could read people’s minds for a second…
Oh well.

Im to cheap to buy my own copy so i read my mates:D i want a buff:p

Eeeeexcellent ! Fantastic job Mike plus all others involved in riding, photographing, writing, editing, printing, distribution, administration, etc, etc, etc.

However, the only true way with the banana conundrum is blindingly obvious - SUNDRIED !!! Follow the truth and the light of the the sundried banana and life will suddenly have more purpose and meaning than simply riding a unicycle :smiley:

I will be wearing my Buff on my unimute to work tomorrow.

“Better” = a more favourable outcome, so 2 days delivery is better than 7 days delivery.

Blue skies


All arrived at 8:30am on saturday

By 9 I was riding round the forest wearing my buff

Great issue & Great freebies

Thank you Uni team :slight_smile:

Mmm, banana poos. They’re good, cos no-one nicks your food. They don’t seem as filling as proper bananas though.

Anyway, the obvious solution is to take cake instead. I hear there’s a fantastic cake recipe in there, written by a non-existent person called Penny Marshall*. I can vouch for the brownies, they were yummy.


*Who didn’t change her surname on marriage, oops to me for not mentioning that.

I’ve read about half the mag now, lots of good stuff in there. Joe’s diet article is my favourite so far, very funny! I will have to try out the brownie recipe soon:)

The Buff has already kept me warm on my commute to work for two days now, I’ve tried it as a neck-warmer and an under-beanie headscarf. I’ve also tried and failed to make the ‘pirate’, I guess I’m not an expert in the ways of the Buff yet!

I’ll show you Thursday, that’s how I wear it under a cycle helmet in cold weather.

Can soon be Thursday? :smiley:

Anyone got good links on “How to fold a buff”?


This is ok;)
But this is for normal buffs a cheaper uni one may be difrent;)

Fixed the link, cheers now I don’t have to wait til Thursday to be a pirate:p

I’m pretty sure that the Uni Buff is the same as the one in the video.

Good lord, what’s all this stuff about unicycling in the buff? In November? Photos please.

I wasn’t on a unicycle, but there’s a picture of me in the buff in the snow (well actually in a different buff, but they’re all the same thing other than the pattern), here

I was wearing it in old granny mode, cos it was jolly cold.